What Payment methods do we (Area Online) offer?

A: We offer all kind of Debit & Credit Cards, Net Banking, UPI for all Subscriptions.

Can I cancel my subscription Anytime?

A: Yes, You can cancel your subscription anytime.

Do you charge commission on orders?

A: No, we do not charge any commission on orders.

What kind of business can be registered on Area Online?

A: All kinds of business/service providers can list  their products on Area Online to register their business/services and can create business/brand awareness of their products and services on digital platform and get orders from their customers through (Area) Online.

How to upload products?

A: Steps to upload product.

i) Login With Your Mail Id/Mobile No. and Password.

ii) Go to your Dashboard and select Add Product and Services Button

iii) Click on Add Product and Services Button

iv) Select Your Shop Name, Type Your Product/ Service Name, Give Tag To Your Product/Service, Write Description For Product, Mention Price and Submit The Product.

v) You Can Repeat the Add Product and Services Process to Add Unlimited Products.

Do we (Registered Business) have access to our webpage’s dashboard?

A: Yes, we provide all the access to the business registered on Area Online. You will be having a personalized dashboard for your business where you can see your page’s analytics.

Does Area Online have Franchise Model?

A: Yes, Area Online also has a Franchise Model, where you can become a Franchise directly from our website.

Will Area Online provide support ?


A: Yes, if you have any queries using Area Online, Please reach us at [email protected]

Do we provide delivery?

A: Yes, we do provide delivery options to the customers registered on our Area Online website/portal. 

What are the pricing structure of Area Online?

A:  Area Online offers 4 options to customers

  1. Monthly    : Rs. 472/-

  2. Quarterly  : Rs. 1,180/-

  3. Half Year   : Rs. 2,360/-

  4. Annually   : Rs. 4,720/-

         (Including GST)