Greetings from Area Online, powered by HKG Ltd.  Gone are those days when we used to step out of the house and visit a nearby shop to buy household items as customers. Now online shopping is becoming popular day by day, partly for the sake of our convenience as customers but how many times as a customer do we think even once that which e-commerce platform are we using to place our order? We all give first preference to that e-commerce app which is already there in our phone and also think of the same app when we need the smallest thing for our house. Don’t you think we have been hypnotized to such an extent that we don’t even bother to check out on any other options for shopping?  Such a mindset of customers may ruin the future of small retailers in years to come.

Well, you must be thinking that order delivered to you through your e-commerce app, comes from a retailer. This is true but there are commissions and cuts a retailer has to pay to that e-commerce app and such business practice cannot empower the retailer. In this process, only an e-commerce app benefits the most.  

Now if you want any item on an urgent basis from shops in and around your area, you can directly place an order on Area Online application. Yes, this unique e-commerce app has entered the market with a great cause of empowering the retailers. This app has those shops on application which are there in your area and you can book products as well as services from your area and get them delivered at your doorstep in no time. The goal of Area Online is to make the Indian economy stronger by saving the retailers. It’s a win-win for retailer and its customer, both; Area Online helps retailers by encouraging customers to place an order from shops their vicinity and it also helps customers by offering delivery options on behalf of their retailers to avoid any inconvenience to customers. 

The advantage of using Area Online app for your shopping is that you can place an order anytime, even when the shops are closed at night and get your orders delivered soon after it opens in the morning. Now you will not have to wait for hours and days together to get the important product delivered at your door-step.


Indian customers please think Indian, encourage Area Online, an Indian e-commerce application.

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